Adding parameters to an update method

Nov 28, 2008 at 8:14 PM
First I'd like to thanks the creator of this project for sharing his code and great ideas. I've just started to use the project and like I often do, I need to update a "modifyBy" field each time I update a record. I tried to make a new Update method in my controller with an additional parameter :


public static void UpdateCustom(MyEntityType entity,string userName)
    entity.modifyBy= userName;

Unfortunately it crash in the GenericObjectDataSourceView




private object GetResolvedMethodData(Type type, string methodName, Type dataObjectType, object oldDataObject, object newDataObject, DataSourceOperation operation)
    return s_GetResolvedMethodData.Invoke(this, new object[] { type, methodName, dataObjectType, oldDataObject, newDataObject, operation });

Should I try to update the "modifyBy"field in the UI instead or is the ok to set its new value in the controller?

An anwser would be greatly appreciated

Thank you